The Amazon is Burning. How Can You Help?

The world's lungs are burning at an alarming rate. Thousands of fires are currently blazing in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. So much so that the smoke from these fires can be seen from space. This year, the Amazon has experienced 74,000 fires, which is up 83% from 2018. Yeah, it's bad. Photo from The … Continue reading The Amazon is Burning. How Can You Help?

The world has a trash problem

Yeah, I know you know, but we're still going to talk about it. Majority of the places I have visited, especially developing countries (lmk if you have a better word than "developing"), have an undeniable trash problem. It's usually right in your face, screaming "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A TRASH PROBLEM!" Between the beaches of Vietnam, … Continue reading The world has a trash problem

Live Consciously. Travel Consciously.

For those who I have been following, you probably have noticed that I've changed the directions of this blog a few times. But, you know what? All great things come with trial and error--failure, failure, failure, then one day success just blooms like a sunflower. Or, at least that's how I hope this will all … Continue reading Live Consciously. Travel Consciously.