Yosemite is MAGIC

I finally had the chance to go to Yosemite and I basked--no, SHOWERED--in all its magnificent, breathtaking glory. I totally get John Muir, now. There is no other explanation for the creation of such majestic mountains other than God (...or maybe--I'm going to take a wild guess here--the divine power of nature??)   My travel … Continue reading Yosemite is MAGIC


What’s the DEAL with New Year’s Resolutions??

Resolution: a word of motivation to some and a word for bullshit to others. Some people are alllllll about ~new year, new me~ vibes and all I can say is "do you" to those people. On the other hand, I think people who call BS to new year's resolutions are quick to judge. At the very least, at … Continue reading What’s the DEAL with New Year’s Resolutions??

You NEED to go to Big Sur

I AM BEING SERIOUS, YOU NEED TO GO! Big Sur is an absolutely stunning region on the coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific. Just south of Monterey, you'll find beautifully stunning terrain, a winding road that runs just along the cliffs above the ocean and some perfect tranquility. Did I … Continue reading You NEED to go to Big Sur

Thanksgiving: so great, yet so…not

After two years of being out of the country for Thanksgiving, I finally made it back to the homeland to feast on mashed potatoes and marshmallow yams (YUM). You CANNOT deny the deliciousness of the Thanksgiving feast. Even as a vegetarian (YEAH, I DROPPED VEGETARIAN LIKE I DROPPED THE MIC), the meat-free comfort food is … Continue reading Thanksgiving: so great, yet so…not

Island Getaways of South East Asia

If you've thought about traveling to South East Asia, then I am SURE you've thought about which beaches you're going to be laying on, basking in the sun and probably drinking a Pina Colada.  Am I right? I know I am, I know... But, there are so many islands! Which ones do you choose? Well, … Continue reading Island Getaways of South East Asia

Why you should not go to a full moon party

If you've thought about going to Koh Phangan, then you've probably thought about attending the infamous full moon party. Once a month, on the night of the full moon (oh, really?) thousands of tourists gather on the beach for the biggest beach party in the world. People flock to the island just for the party … Continue reading Why you should not go to a full moon party

Word from the backpacking wise

Well, my word has really been put to the test. A couple days into this travel venture, I was pretty consistent with my blog posts, but as time has gone on I find sitting on my computer less appealing than actually exploring...imagine that. While I haven't been keeping up with my posts as regularly as … Continue reading Word from the backpacking wise

Traveling during Tet

Experiencing Tet, the Vietnamese New Year or the Lunar New Year, in Vietnam is no doubt a unique and cultural experience. It usually lasts from Feb 27-Jan 2 and everyone is buzzing even days or weeks beforehand to prepare for the celebration. Unlike New Year in the western world, Tet is not about partying on … Continue reading Traveling during Tet