Fraser Island

If you’re traveling the East Coast of Australia and you want to dabble with the many group tours that are offered to backpackers, definitely choose Fraser Island.

I’m pretty biased as I haven’t been on any other group tours, but Fraser Island through Pippies Beach House is fantastic. It was recommended to me by another backpacker friend who told me I couldn’t miss it, and now I’m relaying the message!

Fraser Island has minimal roads and Pippies provided us with 4runners to drive on the beach and go off-roading to our multiple destinations.

4Runners provided by Pippies Beach House for their Fraser Island tour.

Over the course of three days, we stopped at McKenzie Lake, Champagne Pools, a natural Lazy River and another lake that I shamefully forgot the name of. The last destination remains a mystery that you can only figure out if you go on the tour. 🙂

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island
Path to Champagne Pools
Champagne Pools
The mystery lake!

We also went on bush walks, saw the infamous shipwreck, climbed mountains to a beautiful ocean lookout and walked across sand dunes to watch incredible sunsets.

The infamous ship wreck on Fraser Island.
A look out of Fraser Island’s beaches.
Walking across sand dunes at sunset

Every night, there’s family dinners, bonfires and no noise curfew. Don’t forget to bring your own alcohol and snacks before you take off!

It’s hard to not feel like your on summer camp in a group tour. You’re on a schedule, constantly told where to go and how long you’ll be at each destination. They even make you breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, and you all sleep in tents next to each other.

Home on Fraser Island!

While this may turn some people off, it’s well worth it as I met so many cool people from around the world. And, you’re forced to be friends with them as they are your only human contact for three days. 🙂


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