Onward to Byron Bay

I arrived barely a week ago and I feel like I’ve already been here for a month. Sydney was fantastic: the architecture, people, food and scenery were all great, just to name a few. I’m not much of a city girl so I am excited to get to Byron Bay, which is allegedly the best beach town on the East Coast of Australia.

My means of transportation are not the most glamorous, but that’s something to be expected of for a backpacker. In a couple hours, I’ll be hitching a ride on a Greyhound travel bus for 12 hours (yes, TWELVE HOURS) to Byron Bay. With a giant 70L pack on my back and a smaller backpack worn on my chest, I look nothing short of a budget tourist.

But, hey! That’s what I signed up for! I have to catch a ferry out of Manly, then a train in Sydney to the bus stop, so I’ve got to run. A post about the details of how I managed to backpack and what I’ve learned this far will be coming soon!

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