Sydney: Hangout Central

I really admire how the people of Sydney take advantage of the outdoors. People were everywhere playing rugby, frisbee, soccer and participating in fitness bootcamps. Plenty of people were having picnics or just laying in the grass, too.

So, I followed suit and took a nap in the grass like the locals. When in Rome, right?

Kicking it in the grass at Hyde Park next to St Mary’s Cathedral.

And, of course the architecture is amazing and the Opera House is just as stunning as you could imagine, but I’m more impressed with how well these people know how to just hang out.

Even their seals chill hard!

Seal sunbathing on its back in Sydney Cove

In all seriousness, Sydney is truly unique because it has an abundance of history and beauty…and plenty of badass parks to take a cat nap in.

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