5 Thoughts You Have When Planning a Long Excursion

As nice as it sounds to jump on a plane and wonder around the world plans-free, it often doesn’t work out like that. No matter how much you try not to “over-think” your trip, it’s kind of inevitable. You have to buy plane tickets, map out some kind of route of where you’re going, look up weather reports, check travel warnings, get up-to-date with your vaccinations, buy gear, contact your bank…you get the idea. All of this excitement and technical planning can create some pre-trip anxiety, which may lead you to having thoughts like these:

  1. “This is going to be LEGEN (what for it…) DARY. My gut is telling me to buy this one-way ticket to Sydney right now. WOO, LET’S DO IT.”
    • Before any anxiety hits, you’re stoked about your trip. How could it possibly be a bad idea to book a one-way ticket without making any plans of where you’re going. Life’s too short to think twice!
  2. “Everybody is telling me I’m crazy for living out of a backpack for 6 months, but what do they know?”
    • So, you tell some people about your adventure plans and instead of being stoked, they’re like, “OMG that’s so gnarly. Do you have enough money for that? Are you going to make it? You’re probably going to die. You need to dye your hair. Blondes can’t go to South East Asia. Good luck, you’ll need it.” You shrug at their paranoia and tell the haters to piss off.
  3. “Shit, am I crazy? Is this crazy? Maybe I should have planned this out more. Do I have enough money? What am I doing?”
    •  And then you’re alone and start thinking about all the ridiculous ideas about the evil world that people are telling you.  “They’re right,” your thoughts say. “You’re definitely going to get kidnapped by a gang of wild Balinese monkeys.”
  4. “I should have gotten a job like a normal person. Why did I turn down that interview? I’m never going to function in society. This backpack will be my home forever.”
    • As that pre-trip anxiety comes in, those 9-5 jobs that you applied for don’t sound so bad! But, you hate slacks, blazers, meetings, cubicles and sitting. You start banking on the idea that taking a big trip like this will set you apart from other applicants when you get back into the job field.
  5. “Shut up, don’t conform! You’re good.  This is good. You’re golden. YOU. GOT. THIS. This is your dream! Adventure awaits!”
    • Then, you come full circle back to your original travel-or-die mentality. Drown out those negative voices that question your sanity. Backpacking is a life changing experience and you’ll learn more about life and yourself through travel than from securing a mundane 9-5.

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  1. Shelby, you will be working for the rest of your life so just do it now while you are full of life and never look back. Aunt vicky

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